Dear Donald J. Trump:

I understand that you will likely never read this letter, partially because you don’t give a damn what some 20-year-old kid from Ohio has to say about your political agenda, but also because in recent history, you seem to live your life using 140 characters of 4th grade spelling test words.

You are now the 45th President of the United States, the country which I call my home and the one I love. I congratulate you on that.

However, your route to office was constructed on a platform of dividing the men and women of this country on boundaries of gender, race, sexuality, and political opinion. Although the latter has become increasingly more divisive, this country deserves to feel unity. So, as for your campaign against those lines of unity, I deplore you.

Yesterday marked the final day of Barack Obama’s term in the White House, which I will admit, initially I did not support. However, when Obama took office, I was a 12-year-old, pre-hormonal kid with loosely constructed political twine. Since, I’ve become an adamant supporter of the president, who’s nationality you attempted to undermine, which is unacceptable.

What you need to understand is that you, dare I say, Mr. President, are going to have moments where people question things about your past, but their claims are going to be dramatically lessĀ farcical than your attempt to call our first African American president of Kenyan descent.

When people come knocking, demanding answers to the haziness of your past, which is increasingly more of a grey area, you must act in a respectful manner, because Barack Obama responded not once, but twice, to your heinous and racist accusation that he was not of American descent.

Barack Obama is one of the most popular and likable citizens among the American youth, a group which is increasingly strained by your lack of restraint. It is for us, President Trump, that I ask you to show us that you can handle your emotions, because we need leadership.

You ran a populist campaign meant to internalize America, but what we need to know is that there are opportunities everywhere, so when you start saying “here, here, here”, all we here is “factory, factory, factory”, which is scary to a generation bred on innovation. You must not destroy our route forward, and shall I mention the world and moral lines we stand upon.

Deleted from the White House webpage are the pages regarding LGBT and climate change information, which gives many a tidal wave of unease. I will address them individually.

The LGBT community is finally edging closer to equality in a country where so many are given equal rights, although the white, upperclass male is still the dominant demographic in most cases. You chose a Vice President who is an outspoken opponent to this community, which may either show his gross intolerance or his brash ignorance. For these people, you must respect that federal law is federal law, but perhaps much more importantly, love is love.

For our planet, I worry that you are actively trying to speed up the undeniable process that is climate change. Your cabinet selections of Rick Perry (Department of Energy), Rex Tillerson (Secretary of State), and Scott Pruitt (Environmental Protection Agency), show a damning lack of understanding about the future of our planet, which is terrifying. It is for this reason that I ask you to think twice before making decisions regarding the endangerment of our natural resources, as protecting our parks, rivers, and forests is crucial to the future of Earth.

I question many of your cabinet selections and have my informed right to do so, but for the time being, I will trust in my congressional leaders to use wise judgement in choosing whether or not to confirm these figures.

This country is great and you inherited a situation exponentially better than the one the aforementioned Barack Obama entered; you can thank Barack Obama for this, and I recommend you use his guidance to help you through your term.

This is the greatest country in the world, Mr. Trump, and I demand that you take a look in the mirror and ask yourself what “Make America Great Again” really means before you start tearing apart the framework we’ve built upon over the last 241 years.

Last night, you signed an executive order to begin the “repeal and replacement of Obamacare”, which worries me, because your first act as the leader of our free world was taking something away from millions of people, which is troubling.

Before I sign off, you should know this: we are going to fight tooth-and-nail if we believe you are doing something detrimental, not only to our present, but to our future. You are not all-powerful, which you may have believed the presidential position to be, but you are one piece of a 318.9 million piece puzzle; you just happened to be elected a corner piece.

So, with that, I wish you good luck in your term, although you’re already starting to push some buttons that you shouldn’t, but that’s 90% of the reason you were elected president in the first place.


Willie from Ohio