Well, you’re normally here to read about sports that use a ball, but today you’re here to read about a sport with no ball, that takes a long time, and is relatively boring to a non-adorning audience: NASCAR Marathon Running.

More specifically, the Chicago Marathon, more specifically, your favorite friendly, neighborhood sports blogger’s bid to run the Chicago Marathon on October 8th, 2017.

For those of you who don’t know much about the Chicago Marathon, it’s one of the six World Marathon Majors, which includes Boston, New York, London, Berlin, and Tokyo in addition to Chicago. Additionally, it is the second largest marathon in the world with upwards of 40,000 runners/walkers/run-walkers crossing the finish line on an annual basis.

However, if you don’t know what a marathon is, it’s a 26.2 mile jaunt, or if you’re from one of those metric countries, that’s (roughly) 42.2 kilometers.

To divert a little bit from the median and talk about myself, this will be my very first marathon, which comes five months after my first half-marathon, the Flying Pig in Cincinnati, where I completed that 13.1 mile sprint (brisk jog, who are we kidding) through the streets with a time of 1:39:53.

Now, with five months of prep ahead of me, I might be able to make an even great climb in time, but that’s all dependent upon the prep.

So, here’s where you come in, please read this part, or you’ll be sentenced to two quarters as the quarterback of the Cleveland Browns (not worth it)…I will be running on the Anti-Cruelty Society’s team of runners, which means I’m now in, what we call in the biz (I’m not qualified to say I’m in the biz) active-fundraising mode.

My fundraising goal is $1,500, which I hope to exceed, as a few INCREDIBLY generous donations have already trickled in to the pool. As a team, our goal is to raise $60,000, which is certainly doable.

Now, I know a lot of my readership loves animals (that’s an easy, broad statement, isn’t it), so you should know that the Anti-Cruelty Society is an awesome cause.

Based in Chicago, the Anti-Cruelty Society is an organization with a mission to care/treat any/all animals presented to them, provide no/low-cost neuter/spaying,  and help to educate communities on the proper methods to treat animals by displaying the compassion and respect they deserve.